5 Reasons To Hire Strategic Medical Brokers Over Any Other Broker

We know that selling your medical practice is an exciting time and that it’s also a really important step in your career – a step that can often feel complicated and nerve-wracking. We understand the challenges of creating an exit strategy, valuing your practice correctly, and navigating the complex selling process.

We also know there are many medical brokerage firms you can choose from when you decide to sell your practice, but in our experience, not all brokerages are created equal.

We’ve designed Strategic Medical Brokers to stand above the rest, and here are five ways we do that.

  • Medical Practice Background
  • Success Rate
  • Latest Technology
  • Customer Service
  • Credentials

Our team of professionals includes former medical practice owners, physicians, and practice administrators. We pride ourselves on sharing a medical background with our clients – combined, our staff has over 100 years of experience working in healthcare. This means we know exactly how much work you have put into building your practice and what the sale of your business means to you. And because we are experts in the healthcare field, we can anticipate potential problems and skillfully address buyer concerns. You will be able to rest assured, knowing that we’ll guide you seamlessly through all the details. Our founder, Shaun, co-founded three practices, managed them for over a decade, and sold them in 2018 through a broker. He decided he wanted to give practice owners better service than what he received when selling those practices, which is why he started Strategic Medical Brokers.

From start to finish we felt you were our advocate. You proved to be trustworthy. We were prepared for each step of the process as a result of your guidance, knowledge, and expertise. We felt like your guidance protected us from future issues. Communication is imperative in the sale of a practice, and you exceeded expectations. We felt our business and we personally were well cared for in the process. We think your skill level is expert!!

John Medlen MD, Orthopedic Surgery

Success Rate
Simply put, we sell a higher rate of practices we list than most brokers do. Industry-wide, the success rate for selling practices is only 20%. Strategic Medical Brokers has sold 65% of the practices we’ve listed. If for some reason we can’t sell your practice, we’ll also return your commitment fee, making us the only brokerage to offer a risk-free guarantee. We don’t get paid until you get paid.

Shaun was professional, knowledgeable, communicative, and supportive in what could have been a difficult and stressful process but was made easy because of Shaun. He has the experience coupled with the ability to think outside the box, which enabled him to market and sell our very unique business and get top dollar for it. I give him the highest recommendation!

John T. Beck, Ph.D., ABPP-CO, ACFE/ABPS, Neuropsychology

Latest Technology
One of the reasons we see such high success is because of our proven marketing system. We use the latest technology to drive potential buyers to see our clients’ listings. We’ll send out postcards with QR codes to a targeted list of potential buyers, so they can quickly pull up all the information on your medical practice. Qualified buyers who have signed a non-disclosure agreement will receive a comprehensive 10-15 page document about your practice, along with a virtual tour.

Strategic Medical Brokers connected us with buyers we would otherwise have had no access to. We developed 100% confidence in Shaun’s expertise in brokering a deal that was fair for both parties. Throughout the process, you were attentive to our requests and quite accommodating. I would absolutely recommend Arizona Medical Practice Brokers to other physician owners.

Drew Durbin D.O., Internal Medicine

Customer Service
Where Strategic Medical Brokers really can’t be beaten is our customer service. While most brokerage firms only give their clients access to a national broker, your dedicated team with us includes three full-time staff members – a national broker, local broker, and Client Success Specialist. Because you have access to a local broker, there will always be a team member who can see you and troubleshoot any issues in person. Having three dedicated team members on your deal ensures you’ll always have access to someone whenever you have questions.

I have had the pleasure of working with Shaun Rudgear and Strategic Medical Brokers on several projects over this last year. I cannot say enough about Shaun. He has been amazing from start to finish. His expertise, professionalism, hard work ethic, honesty, and communication skills are a rare combination. I watched him resolve seemingly insurmountable obstacles that could have been deal-breakers. Shaun went above and beyond my expectations.

Deborah Dykema DO, Family Medicine

Not that anyone wants to read a long list of credentials, but in this industry, they are important and really mean something. Our team of brokers holds the highest credentials in the industry, of Certified Business Intermediaries. Only 3% of business brokers have earned this designation. Our accreditation by the Better Business Bureau means we went through a rigorous process to prove that we are trustworthy, uphold high standards, and act with integrity – always.

Shaun is highly professional, dedicated, and efficient. I could not have had a successful sale without his guidance. I would highly recommend his service.

Michael Hamant, MD

Take the Next Step
Selling a medical practice will be one of the most significant events in your personal and professional life. If you want the security of having a broker on your team who is committed to protecting your legacy and your practice’s future, we’d love to talk further. Schedule a discovery call with us so we can explore the next steps to achieving the outcomes you’re hoping to see.

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