Arizona Medical Practice Brokers

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Your Practice, Our Expertise:

Seamless Transitions, Lasting Success


Shaun F. Rudgear & Marta Sepulveda, MD proudly represent clients of Arizona Medical Practice Brokers to help every practice owner to sell their business with complete confidence in what the next chapter will hold – for themselves, their patients, and staff.

Marta Shaun

Selling A Practice

Arizona Medical Brokers specializes in medical practice sales and valuation. With over 85 years of healthcare experience, our team of brokers will provide expert counsel during the selling process. Our market knowledge and expertise make Strategic Medical Brokers the right choice for your successful practice transition.

Practice Valuation

Our quality valuation reports can be a very valuable tool for business owners or professionals in numerous situations:

  • Selling a Medical Practice
  • Unsolicited Offers
  • New Owner Buy-In
  • Divorce
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement/Withdrawal

Consulting Solutions

Backed by 85 years of mastery in the healthcare environment, we offer consulting solutions in the following areas:

  • Pre-transaction Planning
  • Post-transaction Support
  • Medical Practice Performance