Buying vs. Starting Fresh: The Benefits of Acquiring an Existing Pulmonary Practice

Starting a medical career usually requires choosing between building a practice from the ground up or acquiring an existing one. In a competitive field like pulmonology, many doctors find value in buying an existing pulmonary practice for sale. This option can save time, reduce risks, and allow physicians to focus more on patient care rather than the complexities of starting a business.

Importantly, buying a pulmonary practice for sale isn’t limited to new doctors eager to jump-start their careers. It also provides an excellent opportunity for seasoned pulmonologists looking to scale their services. By purchasing an established practice, these experienced doctors can extend their reach to a larger patient base, meeting the growing demand for specialized respiratory care. Additionally, an existing practice can serve as a platform for introducing cutting-edge treatments and technologies, thereby improving patient outcomes while increasing revenue.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or a pulmonologist with years of experience, buying an existing pulmonary practice for sale offers a quick and efficient way to expand your professional horizons. But is it the right choice for you? If you’re still on the fence about buying or starting your own practice from scratch, then keep reading.

Some key benefits of buying a pulmonary practice for sale

Understanding the advantages of buying an existing pulmonary practice can provide invaluable insights into making an informed decision for your medical career. Here are some of the key benefits of going this route:

  • Reducing risks – The medical industry has seen a trend of doctors joining larger groups or hospitals, primarily to mitigate the risks tied to running a small, private practice. These risks can range from handling student loan debts to navigating the economic aftermath of events like the COVID-19 pandemic.

While joining a larger organization offers stability, it often comes at the expense of clinical autonomy and decision-making power, leading to professional burnout for many physicians. Buying a pulmonary practice for sale allows doctors to mitigate some of these entrepreneurial risks while maintaining a level of independence.

  • Taking over an established entity – Acquiring an existing pulmonary practice for sale means you’re stepping into a business that has already weathered many of the challenges that sink new startups. All that’s required is for the new physician-owner to sustain and potentially expand what’s already been built. This includes leveraging the existing staff and patient base and eliminating the need to set up new payroll, billing, or insurance systems. Additionally, it provides an advantage in that community relationships and a reputation are already in place, giving you a head start in the competitive medical field.
  • Time-saving benefits – Starting a practice demands a considerable investment of time and effort, something that purchasing an existing pulmonary practice can notably reduce. The fundamental structures are already in place, so new owners can focus on other aspects of the practice that may require attention.
  • Clientele comes included – Building a new patient base is one of the most challenging aspects of starting a fresh practice, given today’s competitive landscape. A pulmonary practice for sale often comes with its existing clientele, easing the marketing and promotional burden for the new owner. All that said, it’s essential for the incoming doctor to gauge whether the existing patients are open to continuing their care under new management.
  • Opportunity to diversify services – The field of pulmonology continually evolves, offering opportunities for technological and therapeutic advancements. Buying an existing pulmonary practice gives physicians a platform to introduce these new services, potentially increasing revenue and attracting new patients in the process.

Seek professional advice

If you’re contemplating buying a pulmonary practice for sale, consulting experts like Strategic Medical Brokers can be incredibly helpful. They can guide you through the selection and acquisition process to ensure you’re making a sound investment. To get started, you can send a message at or engage in a live chat with an agent.

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