Can A Non-MD Own A Medical Practice In Texas?

In Texas, non-MDs generally cannot own or operate a medical practice due to strict regulations embodied in the Corporate Practice of Medicine Doctrine (CPOM). However, there are specific exceptions that allow certain types of non-physician ownership under particular conditions. While physicians can often benefit from buying Texas medical practices for sale—thanks to existing patient bases and reduced initial costs—non-medical professionals face significant legal restrictions. This article delves into these guidelines as well as the exceptions.

What is the Corporate Practice of Medicine Doctrine?

The CPOM governs who can own and operate a medical practice in states like Texas. According to this doctrine, individuals lacking the appropriate medical credentials and licenses cannot employ physicians or run a medical facility. This restriction applies to all non-MDs, including standard corporations and entities. The primary goal of the CPOM Doctrine is to safeguard public health by restricting ownership of Texas medical practices for sale to qualified, licensed medical professionals. This prevents non-medical entrepreneurs from controlling or monopolizing healthcare services, ensuring that healthcare remains accessible and focuses on patient well-being rather than profit. It also ensures that medical decisions are made by qualified professionals, not influenced by profit motives or business interests.

What are the exceptions to the CPOM rules?

While CPOM generally prohibits non-physicians from owning medical practices, there are exceptions. Under certain conditions, non-MDs can employ physicians without violating CPOM guidelines. Such exceptions apply to:

  • Migrant health centers – These centers cater to mobile populations like agricultural workers, requiring flexible ownership models to reach these communities effectively.
  • Non-profit practices or clinics – These aim to serve lower-income or specialized communities and can have alternative ownership structures due to their non-profit status.
  • School districts – School districts can employ physicians to meet the healthcare needs of students and staff, facilitating access to preventive and emergency care.
  • Federally qualified practices – These community-based providers are exempt because they focus on serving underserved areas.
  • US Military or government facilities – These entities have unique operational needs that justify exemptions from standard ownership rules.
  • State-mandated hospitals or institutions – Often funded or managed by the state, these facilities are exempt to fulfill specific state healthcare needs through alternative ownership models.
  • Non-profit medical schools – Focused on education and research, these schools can employ physicians as faculty members who provide medical care.
  • Counties with populations under 50,000 – Traditional ownership models are often impractical in smaller counties, which are typically granted exceptions to attract healthcare providers.
  • Rural health clinics and hospital districts – These exceptions serve underserved or remote areas, allowing for more flexible ownership to meet community healthcare needs.

How to buy a Texas medical practice

If you’re wondering whether you’re eligible to buy a medical practice in Texas, consult an experienced healthcare practice broker. They can evaluate your qualifications and guide you through purchasing if you meet the criteria. For licensed doctors, these brokers can simplify the transition, ensure fair pricing, and provide a valuable partnership. Their expertise in medical practice valuation and financing is instrumental in helping qualified buyers invest in Texas medical practices for sale.

The complexities of the buying process

Every buyer’s journey in purchasing a medical practice is unique. Although it may seem daunting, healthcare practice brokers aim to simplify the procedure with tailored advice and comprehensive support. They also collaborate closely with sellers to negotiate optimum pricing and assist in marketing the practice.

What if you can’t find the right practice?

In cases where you can’t find the exact practice you’re looking for, reputable brokers can perform a targeted search for you. They handle each case with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, protecting your privacy and best interests. Their assistance can connect you with prospective sellers who meet your criteria and handle negotiations to streamline the purchasing process.

Ready to take the next step?

Speak with professionals at Strategic Medical Brokers to discuss your options. Specializing in Texas medical practices for sale, they can guide you through every aspect of the buying and selling process. They also offer valuable services in valuing medical practices, helping both buyers and sellers make informed decisions. To schedule a consultation, visit or call 888-970-1210.

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