Case Study 4: Michael H.

Careful Doctor Examining Small Child.

1) Client name

Michael H. (Family Medicine physician, Age 68)

2) What was the client’s biggest problem?

The physician owner wanted to retire at the end of 2020 and did not want to renew his malpractice insurance in January 2021. Additionally, he would have to pay thousands of dollars to store the patient’s medical records if he didn’t find a solution.

3) What services did you perform for the client?

We performed a valuation of the practice and developed a targeted marketing plan. The client engaged us to represent them in the sale of their Family Medicine practice.

4) What were the clients’ biggest accomplishments or successes when they worked with you?

We were able to find the obtain multiple offers for the practice and our client chose the best fit for his patients. The practice closed in November, one month before the scheduled walk-away date. Our client received a six figure sum for the sale of his practice