Case Study

Case Study – Non-Invasive Cardiology Practice Sold in A Race Against Time

Before partnering with Strategic Medical Brokers, I felt overwhelmed by the complexities of selling my cardiology practice in Florida. I was grappling with several challenges such as defining an exit strategy, determining the right selling price, understanding all my options, and finding the ideal buyer who would respect and carry forward my legacy.

Shaun Rudgear and the team at SMB immediately put my fears to rest. Their comprehensive approach included everything from conducting buyer-seller meetings and negotiating transactions to offering an accurate valuation of my practice. They took care of everything, including listing the practice, preparing an excellent marketing plan, and providing transaction consulting services. Their meticulous attention to detail was evident in the offers they presented and their in-depth explanations of my options.

What stood out most about Shaun was his profound knowledge of the practice sale process and his ability to navigate a series of potential buyers, culminating in a successful sale. But the assistance didn’t stop there; SMB’s post-sale support has been exceptional, providing me with the continued involvement and influence I desired.

The services offered by SMB have granted me much more than just the successful sale of my practice. I’ve experienced peace of mind, relief, and a newfound sense of pride and freedom.

Beyond the business outcomes, my personal life has improved tremendously. I have more time to spend with my family and friends and, crucially, a funded retirement account. My lifestyle and overall well-being have been significantly enhanced.

If you’re a medical professional seeking to sell your practice, I cannot recommend SMB enough. Their comprehensive and professional approach ensured a seamless process, ultimately leading to the successful sale of my practice.

If you’re considering selling your medical practice, I highly recommend SMB for a smooth and successful experience.


Barry Weckesser MD

The Heart Institute of Venice