Promising Pediatric Practice Serving Hispanic Community

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Over 50,000 potential patients within 3 miles of practice

Are you searching for a promising pediatric practice? Look no further! This pediatric practice is conveniently located in an area that has a pediatric population of 58,799 within a three-mile radius. Moreover, with 6,217 individuals aged from 0-19 years living within a one-mile radius, they are ideally positioned to provide healthcare services to the community.

This pediatric practice has been providing healthcare services to children from birth up to 18 years of age since 2008. They serve a diverse patient population from various countries such as Africa, Asia, Native American communities, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Honduras, and Guatemala (Mayan), including refugees. The practice is committed to addressing the unique needs of the community by offering comprehensive healthcare services. The practice has bilingual personnel who can speak both English and Spanish to cater to the linguistic diversity of its patient population. At least 80% of patients identify as Hispanic, and at least 60% prefer Spanish as their primary language. The practice prioritizes effective communication and cultural sensitivity to ensure that the patients’ needs are met.

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