(SOLD) Thriving Concierge Medicine Practice: Catering to the Health Needs of 235 Members with Success

Business Information:

Looking for greater work satisfaction, better work-life balance?

This family medicine concierge practice, launched in 2013, is a successful, proven streamlined retainer-based practice model. It optimizes quality time spent in direct care of patients. The flexibility in scheduling allows for optimal response to patient needs, while also offering a work/life balance for the physician. The retainer model minimizes administrative and billing burdens. Which has resulted in dependably consistent high net income with lower practice expenses. Both patients and physician report high levels of satisfaction.

Members receive an annual health assessment during a 2-hour appointment that incorporates the standard physician history/physical along with EKG, spirometry, and customized lab work. After analyzing all the data, the physician discusses with the patient, during a live or virtual visit, the results of the tests and with shared decision making recommendations are made that generate a personal roadmap towards optimal health.

This practice restores the independence physicians yearn for minimizing the administrative burdens and eliminating the practice metrics insurance companies demand that have robbed physicians of the personal satisfaction, respect, and joy that practicing medicine should be.

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