Naturopathic Medicl Pratice For Sale – $1.1M Annual Revenues (SOLD)

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This thriving practice provides patients from around the world with the latest innovations in modern and natural medical care using regenerative technologies such as adult stem cells and platelet-rich plasma along with IV nutrients to rehabilitate and repair patients with acute and chronic sports injuries as well as degenerative conditions.

The turn-key cash-only practice earns in excess of $1,100,000 with a solo practitioner and a highly trained staff. 

Medical services include regenerative medicine, artery cleaning therapy, chelation therapy, bio-identical hormone replacement, cancer therapy & immune modulation, nutritional IV therapies, anti-aging therapies, medically supervised weight loss, hypnotherapy, chronic pain, fatigue & fibromyalgia therapies, diagnostic testing, and nutritional supplements.

Staff to remain in place for a successful patient transition. 

Business Sold By:

Shaun Rudgear
Gross Revenue:
Scottsdale, Arizona
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