Sell a Medical Practice

Exit strategy

It is essential to plan carefully when considering the life-changing decision to sell a medical practice. You may be counting on the business sale to fund your retirement but aren’t sure how to market your practice or what it’s even worth. The first step is to plan your exit strategy. After careful analysis, we may find that now isn’t actually the best time to sell your medical practice, but our services will increase the future market value of your practice. If the time is right, Strategic Medical Brokers will consult with you on the most advantageous way to offer maximum marketing exposure. The earlier we can start planning, the better results you’ll see.

We carefully screen prospective buyers, and they sign a non-disclosure agreement before receiving any information about your practice. We also require proof of funds to demonstrate financial capability before we will release any of our client’s financial statements. As business consultants, we understand that finding the right buyer for your medical practice requires a delicate balance of matchmaking and viability. Strategic Medical Brokers is one of the few national brokers that cooperates with other firms, allowing your listing maximum exposure. We know exactly how to sell your medical practice.

Hire an expert

Most physician owners don’t have experience selling a business, making the process of selling your medical practice feel daunting, or even impossible at times. That is why it’s vital to hire an expert when selling to a limited market. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition and eliminate the complexities of a transaction, letting you focus on running your practice.

Strategic Medical Brokers has an upfront valuation fee, which is credited against our professional service fee when your practice is sold. We pay all marketing expenses.

Track Record

We have a track record of not only selling more practices that the national average, but we are an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau. This signifies that we are trustworthy, uphold high standards and have integrity. Our history shows that we genuinely caring about our clients’ best interests, and this helps ensure a smooth transaction and lets you to move on to the next chapter of your life.

I thank you so much for the great information you provided me re: selling a practice and I also appreciate your candor.
Belinda Gonzalez
M.D. Family Medicine

Our Solution

We are former medical practice owners, so we understand everything you’re feeling and all that comes with selling a practice. We know this is a bittersweet time, and we want to make you feel confident and secure every step of the way.

You can schedule a discovery call to see how we can partner with you to sell your practice with the best possible outcome. Contact us today, and we’ll provide the exit plan you’ve been hoping for.

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