Should You Tell Your Employees About Selling Your Medical Practice?

Selling your medical practice is a major life decision – and it impacts more than just you. As a business owner, you may weigh whether to disclose a potential sale to loyal staff before the closing. While transparency and trust are pillars of a strong team, there are risks associated with early disclosure that could negatively impact your business. In this article, we’ll explore the key considerations around informing your staff of an impending medical practice sale.

Risks of Prematurely Telling Staff About Selling Your Medical Practice

While honesty is ideal, there are reasons to refrain from early disclosure:

  • Staff turnover: Employees may disengage or seek employment elsewhere if change seems imminent, disrupting operations.
  • Patient attrition: If staff mention the sale prematurely, patients may question the future of the practice and explore other options. Continuity is key.
  • Information leaks: Staff could let news of the sale slip, running the risk of competitors leveraging that inside knowledge to lure away patients, staff, and providers. This can weaken your negotiating power.
  • Buyer concerns: Prospective buyers want reassurance that current operations, staff, revenue streams, and patient pools will remain intact post-sale. Increased buyer risk translates into a lower selling price.

Informing Staff about Your Medical Practice Sale: Balancing Transparency and Discretion

It’s important to avoid blindsiding long-term employees who have served your patients and helped build your practice over the years. Consider the following:

  • Discuss hypothetical future plans like bringing on a partner, without mentioning the sale, to plant seeds of change.
  • Reassure staff of their importance in preserving your legacy and finding another provider who will be an excellent fit to maintain exceptional care.

Announcing the Sale of Your Medical Practice to Your Staff: A Strategic Approach

Once key closing conditions are met, you’ll need to inform your staff at the appropriate time. Here are the steps you can take:

  • Work with the buyer to coordinate a communication plan for the staff meeting.
  • Arrange to hold the staff meeting at the end of the work week.
  • Announce the sale and express your confidence in the selected buyer, emphasizing that they’ve been vetted and are the right fit.
  • Introduce the buyer who will share the general transition plan and stress the importance of staff retention.

Selling your life’s work is extremely personal – yet impacts so many. With care, tact, and strategic timing around announcing your exit, you can maintain trust with staff while also avoiding business disruptions. Ultimately, the decision to inform staff about your medical practice sale requires careful consideration and strategic planning to ensure a smooth transition.

Expert Advice on Managing Confidentiality When Selling Your Medical Practice

Navigating the complexities of selling your medical practice while maintaining operations is challenging. Strategic Medical Brokers understands this.

We recognize the deep personal relationships and sense of responsibility you feel towards loyal employees. Our goal is ensuring the longevity of those bonds while achieving a successful closing.

As your partner, Strategic Medical Brokers will:

  • Strategize timing around notifying staff, including when to inform key employees who can assist in the transition confidentially.
  • Provide input on appropriate disclosure at different phases based on factors like financing and purchase agreements.
  • Share guidance based on experience with confidential and staff-inclusive sales.

Selling your practice opens a new future. First, skillfully navigate disclosure so staff remain invested in this transitional period. Let our team advise you on maintaining engagement while progressing steadily toward your closing goals.

Contact our experts at Strategic Medical Brokers today to explore your options in complete confidence.

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