SMB’s Bi-Annual Meeting: Reflecting on Our Growth and the Road Ahead

Our Strategic Medical Brokers team recently reconvened to realign on our core mission – guiding physicians through seamless practice transitions.

In just a few years, we’ve grown from only serving Arizona to now helping healthcare practices in multiple states. We also started a dental division to meet rising demand.

We revisited the mission statement that has guided us from the beginning – prioritizing personal service by understanding what each client hopes to achieve. This commitment to tailored care is what has allowed us to consistently exceed expected results.

Reviewing 2023, we made encouraging strides in upgrading digital capabilities and management tools. Still, we see room to keep improving processes and oversight.  We are determined to keep adopting innovations that allow us to provide the highest caliber of insight and support.

Major 2024 goals include expanding into four more states, redesigning our website to optimize user experience, increasing efficiency through automation, and closing even more deals at higher price points.

Vital for us is balancing diligence with understanding. We consider client relationships partnerships, recognizing that selling a practice shapes personal legacies. Though our growth is rewarding, it only has meaning if it translates to better service during such a pivotal period in  their lives.

So, while numbers are reassuring, we find deeper meaning in comments from physicians finally realizing their dreams after a smooth transition.  We aim to create more of those stories in the year ahead.

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