The Importance of Patient Communication While Selling Your Periodontal Practice

Selling a dental practice, particularly when you’ve spent years cultivating its reputation and services, can be a significant undertaking. Whether you’re facing retirement, a career shift, or there’s no successor to inherit the practice, listing your periodontal practice for sale may be the next logical step. Professional medical practice brokers can ease this process by offering a tailored strategy that not only maximizes your return on investment but also respects the emotional layers involved in such a significant decision.

While brokers can manage many aspects of the sale, you still have a crucial role to play, especially in communicating the impending change to your existing patients. Remember: Selling your practice impacts not just you but also the people who have come to rely on your services.

When to communicate with your patients

Timely communication with your patients is critical. Ideally, you should inform them on or immediately after the closing date of the sale. Whether you’re introducing a new associate or selling the entire periodontal practice, early and clear communication helps mitigate frustrations that may arise from unexpected changes in appointment availability or practice management. Delays in sharing this information can lead to patient attrition and potentially harm the practice’s reputation, which could affect the new owner negatively.

However, a premature announcement of your periodontal practice for sale could create unnecessary anxiety among your patients, leading them to question the stability and future quality of the care they will receive.

To balance the need for transparency with the importance of maintaining patient trust, consider crafting a detailed communication plan that outlines what will be shared, when, and through which channels. This plan can help you navigate sensitive discussions while providing reassurance that the incoming dentist will uphold the high standards of care your patients have come to expect. Additionally, you may also consult with the incoming dentist on the best strategies for joint communication to further ease the transition, creating a collaborative and transparent environment for everyone involved.

Key considerations when preparing to inform your patients

Consult your team first – Discussing your decision with your staff not only keeps them in the loop but also prepares them for potential changes under the new management. Involving the incoming dentist in these early conversations can also be beneficial. Ensure your team understands the confidentiality of this information and knows what they can disclose and when.

Officially notify your patients – Your patients will naturally be curious about the future of their dental care when you put your periodontal practice for sale. Keep them informed about the sale timeline and offer some background information on the new dentist, emphasizing their qualifications and why you trust them to provide excellent care. This can help patients feel more comfortable with the transition.

Effective communication strategies

Below are some effective strategies to ensure that your message about the transition is both transparent and reassuring:

  • Document the announcement – Written communication through email or traditional mail can offer a comprehensive detailing of what changes your patients can expect. Aim to send this out around the closing date.
    To make the announcement more effective, consider personalizing the message to address common concerns that patients might have. Include information such as the incoming dentist’s credentials and any updates to services or office hours. Providing a FAQ section within this written communication can also preemptively answer questions, making the transition smoother for everyone involved.
  • Prep your staff – Your team is the frontline for patient queries, and their confidence and knowledge about the transition are crucial. Ensure they are equipped to answer questions and provide reassurance during this transitional period.
    Prior to the public announcement, hold a staff meeting to discuss the timing, logistics, and messaging surrounding the sale. Make sure your team understands the vision and values the incoming dentist brings so they can articulate these to concerned patients. Provide them with a brief FAQ or talking points to help them address questions consistently and professionally.

Is it time to list your periodontal practice for sale?

If you’re contemplating putting your periodontal practice for sale, consult with the experts at Strategic Medical Brokers. We provide comprehensive assistance—from initial preparations to final negotiations—while honoring the legacy and values you’ve instilled in your practice. To start, we offer a free instant valuation tool on our website to give you an idea of how much your practice might be worth. Reach out to today to begin the conversation.

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