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Texans gained a lot of weight during the pandemic; this practice has a solution

Great opportunity to own a popular Medical Weight Loss & Family Medicine Practice.  The practice has developed a healthy, sensible medical weight loss program incorporating realistic lifestyle changes in the way people eat.  They aim to help individuals make changes that will easily fit in with their current lifestyle.

Providing a comprehensive approach to weight loss, their program includes; nutritional education, prescription medications, injection therapy, strategies for achieving and maintaining healthy weight, and providing continued support, all in a relaxed and caring environment.

This family medicine practice has been at its current location since 1980.  It has a proven concept with a loyal client list, averaging 9,600 encounters per year.

The business is structured as a “cash-pay” for services.  This business model improves cash flow, and the arduous task of negotiating with and collecting from insurance companies is eliminated.

The medically supervised weight loss industry was estimated at $7.58 billion in 2021.

The team is comprised of 6 full-time employees plus the owner, who performs the treatment consultations and services which require licensing.

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