What is Your Practice Worth?

It is essential to determine your practice’s worth if you plan to sell it. The pricing of your business is one of the most crucial steps in the selling process. You can determine the amount someone would be willing to pay for your practice through a formal business appraisal or a Broker’s Opinion of Value.

The approach you should take to determine the value of your business depends on various factors such as the practice’s size and complexity, type, and the intended buyers (an individual investor or a synergistic buyer).

It is vital to price your practice correctly. Improper pricing can have several negative impacts on the transaction at different stages. For instance, you may set an unrealistic asking price if you attempt to sell your healthcare practice without a high-quality broker. This often leads to frustration due to a lack of viable inquiries received.

Similarly, a buyer may find discrepancies in financial reports during due diligence, which can bring the transaction to a halt or even derail it entirely. The buyer and the seller may become frustrated if they cannot find a third-party lender to fund the transaction.

To determine the value of your practice, you can request a formal business valuation or a Broker’s Opinion of Value.