(SOLD) Non-Invasive Cardiology Practice with Accredited Lab – BELOW MARKET

Business Information:

STEAL this Accredited Cardiology Practice
WELL BELOW MARKET. Established in 2005, this privately owned non-invasive cardiology practice is an accredited cardiovascular imaging and testing center. Gross revenue exceeds $1.6 million, working only four days per week. Services provided include nuclear stress-testing, echo-doppler, peripheral arterial studies, pacemaker clinic, coumadin clinic, walking EKGs, echo screenings, blood pressure screenings, pulse oximetry, stroke screenings, abdominal aortic aneurysm screenings, and peripheral arterial screenings. The “patient-first” philosophy has been the hallmark of their long-standing success, and the practice has a loyal patient base of 3,900 active patients. Practice refers out approximately 50 caths per year, many of which require stents.

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